Dear Reader,

To me, there is nothing quite so breathtaking as a well-told story. Some stories steal the air from my lungs by triggering unceasing, stomach-clenching laughter.  Some elicit a gasp from me, followed by quiet tears. The best silence me, leaving me gaping at their ability to capture facets of humanity. My love of stories – hearing them, writing them, sharing them – is what drew me inexorably to the entertainment industry. Sadly though, when you’re completely immersed in something, it’s easy to lose sight of the important things. Juggling meetings and reading tedious scripts can overshadow the warmth that fills me when I watch a good movie.  That’s why I started this blog – to remind myself on a regular basis that films can be magical and transformative.

I’m a night owl who can’t sleep without a good bedtime story, so I’ll likely post primarily at night. I like to write (and sometimes even speak) in letter form, so my posts naturally take the form of letters to the legends. I by no means claim to be a film expert or even a film buff; I’m just a film lover looking to learn more about the classics and to share my discoveries with like-minded film lovers.

Good night, Munika


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