Dear Frank Capra,

“One man, one film.” Only the ballsiest of filmmakers would adhere to such a creed. Thus, as the mantra’s pioneer, you rank amongst the boldest. It takes guts to agree to shoot any feature length film in four weeks, so I consider It Happened One Night a testament to your genius. You started filming the day after Claudette Colbert signed on and finished in under a month, when she had to return to her contract with Paramount. Despite the abridged timetable, this screwball romance became one of Columbia’s most successful films at the time, both monetarily and critically, and it reinvigorated Colbert and Gables’ careers. The romantic comedy also marked a turning point in your career, as audiences and critics began to take you much more seriously. More importantly, you recognized your own ability to influence and enthrall audiences, and from that point forth, your films were imbued with the social messages of strength, kindness, boldness, and perseverance that were the foundations of your personality. I thank you for being the one director who most consistently restores my faith in the goodness of people and the power of film.

Good night, Mun


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