Dear Michel Hazanavicius,

I normally do not write to contemporary filmmakers, but for your film I shall make an exception. I would like to commend you for your exceptional bravery.  Today’s film landscape is marred by big budget franchises, spin-offs, and revivals, but your original tribute to the era of silent film is a masterpiece. Shooting a black and white, 4:3, silent film in 2011 that feels like an actual classic, rather than a cheap imitation, is a remarkable accomplishment. In particular, I congratulate you on recognizing the forgotten skills of pantomime and expression with which each of your actors is gifted. You have worked many-a-time with Jean Dujardin and your wife, but in this film, you both highlight their antics and enhance them with your extensive silent film knowledge. I sincerely believe you deserve this year’s Best Picture Oscar.

Good luck and good night, Mun


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