Dear Irving Berlin,

I’ve reflected a lot on your premise for Holiday Inn and the song “I’ll Capture Your Heart Singing.” In the movie, Lila Dixon (Virginia Dale) and Linda Mason (Marjorie Reynolds) are two ladies cornered into the same enviable and eternal dilemma: song man or dance man? Granted, Bing Crosby can dance and Fred Astaire can sing, but Fred lacks Bing’s record-setting album sales, and Bing himself admitted that Fred’s footwork made him look like a haydigger.

Every December, I coerce my boyfriend into watching Holiday Inn with me, and afterwards, I often find myself wondering what I would do in that same situation. Instinctively, I would go for Astaire, since being swept into an effortless waltz feels like the physical act of falling in love to me (thanks, Disney princesses). On the other hand, like any girl, I love being serenaded, and although my boyfriend can dance, he is definitely a song man. I knew him as such for years before he showed me that he’s also a clever man, a gracious man, and maybe even my ideal man, despite not being a dance man. My experience, like Lila and Linda’s, goes to show that neither song nor dance men have the real advantage, but it sure doesn’t hurt if a man can express his feelings creatively.

Good night, Mun


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