Dear Leo McCarey,

Your understanding of the human ability to construe meaning from the most subtle of movements is uncanny. Throughout An Affair to Remember, you use your extensive experience from directing silent films to develop the complexity of the relationship between Nicky Ferrante and Terry McKay (played by Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr). Absence plays a key role in the film, most notably in the minimal spoken communication and physical contact between the main characters. As the two sit down to dinner at separate booths, the futility of their attempt to keep their emotional entanglement clandestine is made apparent through Grant and Kerr’s pantomiming. The couple further solidifies their romance by silently locking eyes over Nicky’s grandmother at the piano. Best of all, the pair’s subtle courtship culminates in an off-screen kiss, which makes their dreamy love affair quintessentially poetic.

Good night, Mun


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